The smartest and cheapest way to charge your car

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How works


Plug in your car

Each charging session starts with adding maximum range as soon as possible.


Add smart charging


Save costs

During smart charging, Stekker optimizes the session based on real time electricty price drops.

A graph illustrating that Stekker maximises charging at moments of price drops for electricity.

What does

Together we avoid expensive electricity generated by fossil fuels.

Illustration of a fossil energy generation plant

We prioritize renewable energy for charging electric vehicles.

Illustration of wind turbines

Reduce CO₂ emissions while reducing your electricity bill.

1 euro and 4.2kg carbon dioxide
*Avg. saving for a 200km
charging session

Join us!

Start charging with Stekker today and save up to € 250 on electricity each year!

All you need is a smart car..

Picture of a Tesla and a Volkswagen ID.3

e.g. Tesla or Volkswagen ID.

...or a smart charger

Picture of a smart charger from Alfen

e.g. Alfen

Download on the Apple App StoreGet it on Google Play is hot off the press and in very active development. We could use your help to beta test the app and give us feedback. At this point in time we support Tesla's model S, 3, X and Y, Volkswagen ID.3 and ID.4, KIA (e-Soul and e-Niro), Skoda, Hyundai and Audi e-tron. Over time we'll be adding more car brands that have connectivity and also various smart charging stations for vehicles that are not connected.

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