The best way to charge your car

You're in charge

With you

are in control of charging

Smart charge when the sun shines

Charge at the lowest energy rates


Do you have solar panels?

With Stekker you're in charge of your self-generated solar energy.

Day Night

Optimize your solar self-consumption allows you to make the best use of your own solar power for your vehicle. But what if it's a cloudly day? Before you need the range in your vehicle, it will have (using smart forecasts) determined whether there's sufficient power going to be generated, the remainder will be sourced from the grid.

Power your home from stored solar. Charge on cheap wind at night.

Normally when you plug in your EV, it start charging. Often, this is at the worst time for the grid, even though it might be an ultra-cheap and eco-friendly time to charge at 3am. automatically lets your charge your EV on the very cheapest night-time rates. You might even get paid to use power while you sleep! Want something even more advanced? Power your home or neigborhood with Vehicle 2 Grid technology, using the solar power you've stored in your battery.

Sign up from the app and help us out! is hot off the press and in very active development. We could use your help to beta test the app and give us feedback. At this point in time we support Tesla's model S, 3, X and Y. Over time we'll be adding more car brands that have connectivity and also various smart charging stations for vehicles that are not connected.