Do you operate charging equipment? We can provide a comprehensive suite of services with several unique benefits. It's our goal to make electric charging easier, cleaner and cost-effective. The end user is not an afterthought. At the same time, we believe there's a lot of poor quality CPO-asset management software out there. We have advanced integrations with an innovative CPO software vendor, Maxem Energy Solutions. We built several value-adding services on top of that. We automated the payment and billing processes so you don't have to worry about this, you simply get paid a single amount every month.

The software infrastructure we provide is compatible with the majority of charging stations, including Vehicle-to-Grid chargers.

How we achieve increased return on your investment:

  • Are you generating solar power at the same location? We can optimize the self-consumption of power through our advanced algorithms. We integrate weather and irradiance forecasts and offer our Stekker App to EV drivers to understand and respect the constraints of their flexibility. Our optimization engine results in lower energy bills for the charging services you offer, and a better return on investment from your solar assets.
  • We have unique features to enable a charger to be freed up for the next person as soon as a session finishes. All this happens without requiring the first EV driver to return to the vehicle. This increases the utilization and energy you can deliver while requiring less investment into charging infrastructure.
  • Users can subscribe to be notified when charging stations become available, increasing utilization and convenience.
  • We supply printed white-labeled charging cards with a tailored design (e.g. your logo and business name). You will get a better return per transaction because you and your visitors don't pay any e-MSP or roaming fees.

Other benefits of

  • Green: Your business benefits from being seen as taking the next step in sustainable energy and mobility, while saving money in the process.
  • Branding: Co-branded charging cards and the option to have invoice sent out with your branding on it. We can even provide a co-branded Stekker App.
  • Transparency: We allow you to gain insight into the transactions and verify what we receive and pay out.
  • Statistics: we can provide reports and statistics of the utilization of your charging infrastructure.
  • Convenience: You simply get paid one amount every month, it can't get much simpler than that.

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