Frequently asked questions

Is compatible with my charger/vehicle right now? somehow needs to be able to control the charging session for you. This requires us to have a connection to either the charger or the electric vehicle. Right now we have an integration with Tesla, so with Tesla's you can use at almost any charge point. With a smart charger that is added to the specific brand of your EV isn't relevant.

We are working to integrate with more automakers. When you've signed up the app will tell you whether the charger or vehicle is supported. If not: we can send you an update as soon as this changes.

All brands of EVs can charge at partner sites (e.g. in Culemborg, the Netherlands). You should use the charging card that we provide. You can request it via the app if you live near such a site.

One of the charging locations in Culemborg, the Netherlands.

Can I join the pilot?

Absolutely! How nice of you that you wish to contribute! We expect you to provide feedback and allow us to learn and improve the system until it's flawless, easy and fun to use. You can download the app from the app stores to give it a go!

Why would I use to charge smarter?

With, it's easy to contribute to the transition towards sustainable energy. It helps to increase the share of renewables that is utilized by automatically charging when a lot of it is generated. This saves on trasportation costs, lowers investment in grid infrastructure, increases the returns of renewable energy projects and as a result also reduces CO2-emissions.

Will my car be charged on time?

Your are in control of when your battery should be charged and to what percentage. Charging will start the way you're used to. However, you'll be able to use the app to change your preference to charge greener when this is possible. Input your desired time of departure and will plan the session to be optimal given the constraints you've specified.

If it needs to start right away to reach the desired state of charge, will not postpone the session. If this means it occasionally charges during peak hours, that is okay. What matters most is that most vehicles don't charge during the peaks most of the time.