Secretary of state initiates first smart charging session, powered by

Culemborg, 15 juni 2020 adds intelligence to sites that combine charging and solar-power generation. The Dutch government is subsidising 21 smart charging plaza initiatives, the first of which is in Culemborg. This plaza was opened by the secretary of state, Stientje van Veldhoven (Infrastructure and Water Management), on the 15th of june 2020. Erik de Bruijn and Jankees van Woezik of also demonstrated that discharing of vehicles (Vehicle to Grid) is part of the posibilities.

Interview: Start-up story

After the success with 3D printing company Ultimaker, Erik de Bruijn has not taken a break. The Tilburg University alumnus has now turned to, a company that enables smarter and more sustainable charging and discharging of electric vehicles. Again with the intention to improve the world a little with the help of technology. “I want to make people less dependent.”.

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